(excerpt from Qualcomm.comPowerful Kryo CPU
As our first custom-designed 64-bit quad-core CPU, the Kryo CPU uses Qualcomm® Symphony System Manager as an intelligent resource management tool for Snapdragon that extends control of task scheduling and power management across the entire processor.)

Early,this morning South Korean tech giant LG
unveiled their latest “G”line smartphone which has a dual-lens setup on the rear camer for wide angle pictures,incase you are wondering the specs are 16mp for regular pictures,along with another 8mp camera for wide angle photos. the processor is a Quad-core Qualcomm snapdragon 820
the gpu is an Adreno 530,comes with 4 gigs of ram,has a screen resolution of (2560x1440p) a screen size of 5.3 in.

constructed of what seems to be an all metal body, LG has succeeded where others failed in that, even though it is constructed of all metal they included both and sd card slot,and a removable battery via the new magic slot feature which,supposedly will allow for further customization of your G5 this looks like a very capable flagship.the one thing though that I really don’t like about it is that it has no app drawer all apps are displayed on the home screens ,which I think is a bad move but if it works. that is what matters. I hope that LG was right with it’s bid to go all metal ,though I do hope they keep the “V” line as the hardened phone that the v10 is today,here’s waiting for the v11 .If there is any way you think that this blog can improve please leave us a comment below,Thanks for reading